About Us

Company History

Anspa East Africa Limited is a company incorporated in Kenya with key business focus on Crop Protection, Livestock and Public health products and services. The company is a key industrial player through provision of quality goods and services within the confines of safety and protection to human and the environment.

We strive to ensure that sufficient and food quality is available through the provision of technologies that promote crop and animal production in a safe environment.

The professionals and management behind Anspa relentlessly seek to efficiently address a growing niche in the agricultural sector where the costs of inputs sky-rocket annually and the environmental patterns are unpredictable!

Anspa’s answer to these challenges lies in our ability to empower the industry through the distribution of relevant and economical products and services.

Strategy & Vision

Vision statement

Our vision is to be Africa’s largest manufacturers and distributors of relevant, affordable and accessible agrochemicals, veterinary and public health products and leaders in the provision of pest control services.

Mission statement

Our mission is to grow beyond East Africa to the entire continent through our trained professionals, quality products and services, competitive pricing and timely deliveries, we hope to mark our presence in Africa.

We will accomplish our mission with:

  • Provision of quality and affordable products.
  • Efficient and timely distribution networks.
  • Honesty, integrity and never ending creativity
  • Skilled, committed and empowered employees
  • Commitment to governorship, clientele and suppliers.

Goals and Value

  • Brand name; Anspa is a brand that guarantees affordable, world-class products and services to the farmers. These careful chosen products and our market-tailored training programmes that we progressively carry-out with our staff and clientele, equip farmers with the necessary products and choices that improves on their yields with a marked reduction in cost of inputs.
  • Integrity; Our success is upon the maintenance of our reputation for business ethics, sound financial governance and our solemn delivery promise to our customers.
  • Customer Care; Central success of Anspa is our commitment to responding efficiently and effectively to our customers. Our recognition of this drives us to serve with unswerving dedication.
  • Profitability;Our two prong approach to profitability include the acquisition and distribution of quality and affordable products/ services. The second approach is customer satisfaction via the savings involved, the high yields achieved and exceptional customer service.
  • Fulfillment for our employees; our work environment allows all employees to reach their full potential, both personally and professionally. We reward for the opportunities created, the contributions made, and the value added to the industry, customers, the business and shareholders at large.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”- Michael Jordan

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