MalizaTM Glyphosate

A non-selective and systemic post emergence herbicide for control or annual and perennial grass and broad leaved weeds

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Anspa East Africa Limited is a company incorporated in Kenya with key business focus on Crop Protection, Livestock and Public health products and services.
The company was formed with the desire to be a key industrial player through provision of quality goods and services within the confines of safety and protection to human and the environment.
We strive to ensure that sufficient and quality food is available through provision of technologies that promote crop and animal production in a safe environment.



The development of chemicals to protect agricultural crops is very important within the chemical industry. Without them, many crops would suffer dramatic losses. Some of these chemicals, are also very important in combating human and animal diseases.They include:

  • Herbicides: substances that kill or inhibit growth of unwanted plants (weeds)
  • Insecticides: substances that kill arthropod pests, i.e. insects and mites.
  • Fungicides: substances that destroy or prevent the growth of pathogenic fungi


Animal Health & Wellbeing

We have dedicated staff at Anspa help you keep that promise by providing highly skilled veterinary clinic care that you and your pet can rely upon.

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Animal Health

Products for livestock are mainly geared towards the control of diseases and pests. These products include antibiotics, acaricides, anti-protozoan, anti-helmentics, and mineral supplements

We import and distribute veterinary products to East and Central Africa.

We have dedicated staff to help you realize the full potential from your livestock by providing skilled veterinary and animal production advice.


The public health division, is mostly concern with pests’ control. Our services spun as wide as providing services that will keep nuisance pests away from your residential and commercial buildings. We provide effective methods of pest control that incorporates excellent integrated pest management programmes that ensures management and elimination of pests.

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